BellaStyle - Bella Style
Everyday starts with your closet.....

It shouldn't be a "mess hall", it should be a "playground"!

It brings me great joy to help you find your "true sense of style".

I am here to bring out the exciting and stylish side of yourself who is ready to face any occasion looking and feeling YOUR BEST!
Bella Style means beautiful style. I am always focused on living a life of beauty and style. When you have beauty in the way you dress every day then you will attract that same beauty into your life.
I am focused on high-quality service and customer satisfaction - I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.
With a variety of Styling Packages to choose from, I am sure you'll be happy working with me. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to connect with me.
Also, in my personal experience, being stylish isn't enough. I believe that working on yourself on the inside is as important or more important than just looking good on the outside. I have a book that I would like to recommend to you. This book has helped all of my female clients to interact with the males that they have in their personal and professional life. Please click on the image below to learn more...

Thank you for visiting!
Love, Peace, Beauty and Fashion~
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